Meet our associates


The Associates Program (TAP) Internship

I spent the summer between junior and senior year as an intern in Capital’s The Associates Program (TAP) and loved it. After graduating from Swarthmore College with degrees in Political Science and Economics, I was excited to have the opportunity to come back for a full-time position in the TAP global rotational program.



Research Director

I’m an investment analyst covering telecom, cable, satellite and media companies, primarily in the U.S., but with responsibilities around the world. My research includes building financial models on companies, meeting with management teams and visiting facilities—from satellite control stations to movie studios. I spend a lot of time traveling anywhere from trade shows to Washington, D.C., to track down technologists, entrepreneurs, agents, politicians and others—anyone who can impact the companies I follow.

I started working at Capital as an intern between my first and second year at Harvard Business School. I covered auto parts retailers and was very excited to have the opportunity to come back to Capital full time after graduation. My research supports portfolio managers interested in communications companies, and I manage several focused portfolios of my own.



My co-workers are enthusiastic about the financial markets and business in general. They love what they do, and that makes it exciting to work with them. Capital is unique in giving you the space and freedom to think independently, and the support and resources to help you succeed.

My decisions contribute to preserving and growing the savings of so many people. It’s both a humbling responsibility and great motivation.


Friday lunch around a large table in the West Los Angeles office is a window into Capital Group culture. If no new associate attends, it’s a chance to see people from different divisions and talk about the market or the world, or just catch up on life. When someone new joins, that person becomes the center of attention. New joiners are introduced, questioned, and welcomed in a way that helps everyone get to know them, so they’ll feel comfortable reaching out to others in the office.

Working in Los Angeles

As someone who spent my whole life before Capital living in the Northeast, I’ve enjoyed Los Angeles a lot more than I expected. From downtown, there’s easy access to mountain biking, skiing, hiking and, of course, surfing. The outdoors is my favorite escape from the financial markets, and the weather lives up to its great reputation.


Retirement Plan Coordinator

My main role is to help sell our proprietary retirement plan solutions by developing and maintaining relationships with financial professionals. I’m so enthusiastic about what I do every day. My position allows me the opportunity to really see why we come to work and do what we do. I’m helping people grow a nest egg and hopefully have the retirement they’ve always dreamed of.


The people

The people I work with at Capital are great. I can’t say enough great things about them; they’re so bright, friendly and helpful. We truly work together in a team environment, and our managers’ offices are always open, which really encourages us to walk in and share our ideas and provide input.

Learning at Capital

The four-month training program I went through when first joining Capital was instrumental in preparing me to succeed. But, the learning continues throughout your career here. My managers encourage and support me to obtain certifications that are directly related to my job and higher designations. My manager is also a great mentor to me. He’s been helping with my career development, and making sure that I’ve got what I need to be successful.

Support beyond my job

Capital has an amazing anniversary donation program that honors us at every fifth-year anniversary by making a donation to the nonprofit of our choice. I belong to a Miniature Pinscher rescue group so I was able to make a generous donation to an organization that I’m very passionate about.

Capital is different

Many financial firms have a reputation for being cut-throat, but Capital is true to its values. The people I work with are not only talented, but also humble, honest, and they have integrity. They want to work as a part of a team, support each other, and do the right thing in our mission to best serve our clients.

 A great place to work

One of the neat things about working at Capital is that we work hard but we also have a lot of fun. We have an activities group that plans many fun events on campus throughout the year. The reason I stay at Capital is because I love what I do and believe in the difference we’re making for our clients. And to top it off, I get to work in a great environment with people I love being around!


The Associates Program (TAP)

I’m in the second year of TAP, which is our global rotational program for early career associates. I rotate to a new project in a different department roughly every four months. Regardless of the rotation, I’m constantly learning and observing various parts of the business so I can add a unique perspective to each project.


The highs and lows of a rotational program

The best part of TAP is that I get to experience the breadth of the company. I use what I learn in one rotation to help me once I’ve moved on to another part of the organization. The flip side is that I have to rotate out of departments, away from people and projects that I enjoy. It’s exciting to move to a new group, but it can be tough to move on.

Participating in meaningful projects

My first rotation was with a very data-driven analysis group. They asked for help developing metrics for their own performance, and I created a comprehensive overview of the department. During a rotation in product development, I explored ways to generate more innovative solutions to meet client needs. I’ve also had rotations in marketing and trading. Each assignment is completely different and challenging, based on current business needs.

I love our offices

A lot of thought and planning go into every detail of our offices. We have large workstations and wonderful artwork. Symbolically, we don’t have corner offices. All corner spaces are used as conference rooms—with fantastic panoramic views of the city.

Bringing new perspective

As a young professional, I expected to have to earn the respect of my colleagues and build my influence over many years. Instead, from the first day I started at Capital, others have welcomed and valued my opinion. We have many long-tenured associates here, and I think they appreciate the fresh perspective a recent college graduate can provide.

A welcoming environment

When I first arrived at Capital, I was nervous about asking people to meet with me. That nervousness quickly vanished. Everyone has been so open to spending their time—sometimes even a lunch hour—helping me learn about their roles and career experiences.


Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

I recruit people to work at Capital, focusing on college students looking for internships or full-time work after graduation. I help the various business groups build strategies for on-campus recruiting, attend events, conduct on-campus and in-person interviews.


Building a team for the future

I’m helping to build the future of our organization. The college interns and graduates we hire will be our future leaders, and will make their own impact and contribution toward fulfilling Capital’s mission.

It’s extremely rewarding working with college candidates, because I can expose them to an incredible organization they may not know much about. Ultimately, I’m a bit of a matchmaker helping find talented individuals who are looking for a special place to work.

It can be a double-edged sword

We’re often competing for talent with very large conglomerates that hire hundreds of students each year. Our program is much smaller, and more personalized. Sometimes, we have to explain to students that we just don’t have as many roles available as those other firms.

Candidates often ask why I joined Capital Group

My response is always about the people. My colleagues are so sharp; they both challenge and support me in the work I do every day. I also genuinely enjoy hanging out with them, whether we’re headed to a scheduled meeting or just grabbing lunch. We spend a majority of our day at work, so it’s important to enjoy those around you.

I’m recognized around the organization

Each associate has their own profile on the company intranet where we can post a photo, describe our role, and list our interests and hobbies. I was surprised at how well this tool helps us get to know one another virtually. The first time I visited our office in Norfolk, Virginia, associates there greeted me warmly with a hug, as if we’ve known each other forever. I felt welcomed in the new office immediately!

We encourage celebration

One of my favorite Capital memories is from a round of final interviews, which just happened to fall on Halloween. Many of our associates were dressed in full costume, and one manager walked into the interview room, tossed a fistful of candy onto the table and yelled, “Happy Halloween!” Needless to say, the candidate was caught by surprise, but quickly recovered his train of thought and was excited to see we have a pretty fun work environment.

We often say that we take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.


Senior Counsel

Compassionate Leadership

I think Capital is unique in that its senior management is compassionate toward associates. That doesn't mean they’ll do everything all the time to make everyone happy. In fact, that would be impossible, let alone unwise. But if you look around you, you'll see signs everywhere that senior management takes pains to make working at Capital satisfying and enjoyable. Our offices are beautiful. We offer incredible benefits in addition to monetary compensation. Management regularly communicates with associates about important matters. All this adds up to a senior management team that I believe really cares about the well-being of its associates. You can't say this of most employers.


A blend of business and law

I love the investment management business. To me, it's exciting and challenging. I studied both business and law in graduate school, and dreamed of finding a job after graduation that would combine both. Well, I know I’ve found one that does just that.

Modern-day refined culture

Capital's culture is hard to define. And it continues to evolve, like most things. But if I had to summarize what I feel is quintessentially Capital, it’d be that we’re a highly professional place where the people are friendly, smart, respectful and full of integrity. I also think Capital exudes a modern-day refined culture. That’s pretty refreshing, and that’s what I feel when I walk down the corridors of our offices.

The power of working as a team

The ability to work with others to accomplish much more than I ever could alone is a skill I’ve learned in recent years. When I first joined Capital, I could complete most of my projects by myself. When I was called on to help coordinate a massive disaggregation project, I had to adjust my work style. I found myself working with associates in different departments to move forward on many fronts simultaneously. We were ultimately able to achieve our goals in a relatively short time, something one person could never have done alone. That’s when I discovered the power of working with others.


Senior Business Leader

I’m from Rutland, England, and studied philosophy, politics and economics at Trinity College, Oxford, before joining TAP in 1992. Today, I chair our management committee in Europe.


Strong convictions and patience are important to success

I like getting things done. Early in my career, there was nothing more satisfying than pressing ‘Save’ on a lovely spreadsheet. That satisfaction doesn’t come as easily anymore! Some of my projects have multi-year time horizons, but I’m a patient individual. It’s amazing what you can do at Capital if you have a strong view on something and are prepared to plug away at it.

Advice to new associates

My advice to new associates is pretty simple. It helps to have a certain amount of healthy curiosity and learn by listening and asking questions. But keep a purpose in mind. In day-to-day terms, this means knowing what needs to be done and planning to get there. The path is often indirect, so it helps to have an idea of what’s important and a bit of stamina. It starts with having an idea of what’s right, testing it, modifying it and making progress.

Financial background not always necessary

Potential associates often worry about not having a business background. No worry needed. My education was as a classicist and philosopher. I studied Ancient Greek for a good part of my education and had never used a PC before joining Capital.

Ongoing involvement with The Associates Program

I joined Capital through The Associates Program. Like most TAP associates, I did my early rotations in Southern California, but also got to spend time in London and Geneva. You get two years in limbo doing a variety of things. In hindsight, how fortunate, how luxurious to have had those two years, which gave me the foundation of knowledge about how things work here and a network of personal contacts who’ve been vital to my career.

I continue to stay involved and meet with TAP associates to talk about their experiences in the program and the skills that they’re developing through their rotation assignments, and to fulfill the original purpose of helping them discover the areas of business that excite them the most.


Offices Service Senior Manager

I manage Office Services in our London office, but also work closely with the offices across Europe and the U.S. Capital is a great place to work — it has a great compensation and benefits package, there’s work-life balance, and we have a lot of fun. However people are also serious about their work. My job is to ensure that our associates are comfortable in their physical space and have everything they need to concentrate on serving our investors and clients.


No typical days

I appreciate the variety of the work I do; no two days are the same. It’s a mix of strategic work and reacting to what’s going on in the building and requests from our business. Office Services handles everything from space strategy and security to office equipment and supplies. I might be dealing with 20 to 25 tasks at any one time, and keeping track of it is challenging, but I really enjoy it.

Global project

One of my most interesting projects was to find permanent offices in Milan and Zurich. In addition to having to learn about pertinent regulations in each country, I needed to understand the needs of the teams that would be working out of these offices to ensure we made the appropriate long-term decisions. It was a terrific experience working with teammates from London, Geneva and North America.

Living our values

I came from a company that had their core values written on the wall. At Capital, we don’t need to write them on the walls. Associates are actually just doing or showing it in their everyday actions. Even if you don’t know the values, you can guess most of them after you’ve been in the organization for a relatively short time. Values like respect for individuals, humility and collaboration are especially prevalent in how we work and interact. You’ll find that people here are incredibly personable and helpful . Regardless of title, no one is too busy to take the time to help or meet with you.

Asking questions

I think associates who thrive at Capital take the time to understand our organization, ask good questions, and realize their ideas aren’t necessarily the only ideas worth considering. (Having a bit of patience and not wanting to change the world overnight also helps!) I really like when new associates question why we do things a certain way. Quite often it makes us stop and think, “Yes, why do we do it this way?” Just asking the question is the first step in improvement.


Research Associate

I support our investment team to make sure they have the research necessary to make the most informed decisions about the companies in which we invest. This involves creating and maintaining financial models for companies across four different industries: Industrials, US Telecom Services, Global Software, and Aerospace & Defense. I also collect and analyze industry and company data, conduct phone consultations and surveys with industry specialists, and prepare a variety of presentations and reports.


Serving a broader mission

My role as a Research Associate is to help the analysts make smarter investment decisions, which then is reflected in Capital’s performance results. Associates here really want to help each other work toward the bigger cause of providing superior investment returns for our clients. And, I genuinely like the people I work with.

Capital’s unique working environment

When I think about working at Capital, the words that come to mind are intelligent, honest and reliable.

Compared to many financial firms, Capital is very good about providing work and life balance for its associates. And, I like that there’s always something new to learn if I’m willing to take on the challenge.


Business Operations Senior Manager

In my role as a Project Manager, I lead critical initiatives with the goal to be on time and within budget, and to meet the needs of the business. These initiatives are in place to make us more competitive in the marketplace, and my role is to ensure they’re executed effectively.

We’ve got a tremendous number of projects underway simultaneously, so, if you decide to join Capital, I’d advise you to hold on tight and get ready for the ride!


Solving business challenges

Every day, I know I’ll be challenged to address serious business issues that make a difference. It’s incredibly motivating to be expected to rise to this level and push the business forward. I understand exactly how my contributions matter to the enterprise as a whole and really like that sense of accountability.

We work in a very collegial atmosphere. I can call on expertise and horsepower from every part of the organization, knowing that everyone is motivated to pull together toward the same goals.

I can be myself

I’m free to let my personality show through and bring humor and lightheartedness to my day-to-day interactions with colleagues. I’d find it exhausting to spend all day trying to ‘fit in.’ I find that being myself is the best way to develop relationships and build trust with my colleagues.

Investors come first

We put our investors first. When we’re discussing a complicated issue, someone in our group inevitably suggests we think about a situation from the investor’s perspective. This always helps provide clarity as we work to determine the best solution.

Family matters

Everyone at Capital wants to be successful and to contribute to the success of the organization. We don’t need to sacrifice our family life or personal happiness to achieve this. Other companies give only lip service to the idea, but, at Capital, we can focus on what’s really important in our personal lives and still excel at work.


Network Management Short-Term Credit Associate

I provide administrative support to three Investment Analysts and one Portfolio Manager. I also create weekly portfolio and industry analysis spreadsheets, prepare summaries of investment discussions and coordinate quarterly offsite meetings for our department.


On-the-job learning

I’m new to the industry, and have been fortunate to be part of Fixed Income training programs that allow me to learn on the job. Capital is amazing in the sense that if you exhibit the drive and interest, you can enjoy great opportunities.

Supporting our investors

My goal is simply to make my managers’ lives easier, to free them up to focus on what’s really important: making the best investment decisions for our clients and investors. Whether directly or indirectly, I believe we all play an important role in Capital’s mission.

I feel appreciated

I feel appreciated here in ways that I haven’t experienced when working for other companies. I’m supported by people that I admire and respect. Fixed Income is a challenging asset class to understand, but my managers do an amazing job of finding thoughtful projects and tasks that I can take over to expand my knowledge and skillset.


We work as a team at Capital, and that’s evident in all areas of the business. Everyone genuinely likes and respects one another—personally and professionally. Capital is a large organization, but its core values live in the office on a daily basis, and I always feel that what I do really matters.


Senior Business Analyst

I’m part of the Portfolio Control team that works with the institutional side of our business. We develop policies and procedures to ensure all investment orders comply with internal, external and client guidelines before sending them to the traders to execute in the market.


Sometimes you luck out

I got my first job in Capital’s Los Angeles office and feel lucky to have found a great company and a challenging position. I was looking for an environment that combined the opportunities of a large corporation with the friendly and nurturing culture of a mom-and-pop establishment. After about three years, I transferred to our London office, and also did project work and rotations in other areas. Opportunities to learn new things and apply my knowledge in different ways are continually available. My new role is really enjoyable, but I still help out my old team occasionally when they need it.

After about three years, I transferred to our London office, and also did project work and rotations in other areas. Opportunities to learn new things and apply my knowledge in different ways are continually available. My new role is really enjoyable, but I still help out my old team occasionally when they need it.

A great group of colleagues

There’s a very collegial and casual culture here. You work with high-caliber people at every level, but everyone is approachable, welcoming, and works on a pretty even playing field. Initially, I had difficulty determining a hierarchy, especially among my peers. Then I realized that this just isn’t a major concern.

I enjoy my job, but the time-away benefits are great, too

Now that I’m in London, I take full advantage of Capital’s generous vacation policy. I’ve visited quite a few cities in Europe and the U.K. and still had time to go back to the U.S. to see friends and family.